Welcome to Stiffell & Wilson Ltd..

We are one of the leading building contractors and petroleum specialist in UK. Stiffell & Wilson provide maintenance and construction services for commercial property specialising in petrol filling stations and production facilities.

The success of the company is founded on the culture of quality, safety and responsiveness to clients needs. A consequence of this approach is the development of long term working relationships with many of the UK's largest organisations.

  • New Build Garage
  • New Build Forecourtcompleted project on forecourt
  • MothballingSite ready before closure
  • TankfarmInstalling new Manholes and pipe work above tank farm
  • Vaccum ExcavationVaccum excavation on live site
  • Live Forecourt
  • Design & New BuildDesigning & Building of Fuel Station
  • Site InvestigationDrilling Operation on site
  • Fuel Line InstallationRemoving and installing new fuel lines
  • MothballingPumps, Shop and site secured after mothballing
  • Canopy DemolitionCanopy demolition works under control measure taking place
  • MOT WorkshopNew build MOT workshop
  • Office Conversion
  • Tank RemovalRemoval of underground storage tank
  • Terminal InvestigationInvestigation on terminal for trial pits
  • ConstructionSteel frame construction
  • DemolitionPlanned demolition of house
New Build Garage1 New Build Forecourt2 Mothballing3 Tankfarm4 Vaccum Excavation5 Live Forecourt6 Design & New Build7 Site Investigation8 Fuel Line Installation9 Mothballing10 Canopy Demolition11 MOT Workshop12 Office Conversion13 Tank Removal14 Terminal Investigation15 Construction16 Demolition17
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