Services we provide

Construction and New Build

image sample We are well-known as forecourt specialists, we have strong foundations in general construction. We have been involved in major projects and are recognised within the industry for delivering innovation and expertise. Stiffell and Wilson can demonstrate a proven track record of delivering highly challenging and complex civil engineering projects. Every project that we undertake has direct involvement and input from company director level and senior management, ensuring you get the very best in customer care and experience. Clients include major oil companies, retailers and independent traders.

Commercial and Civil Engineering

image sample In the past few years a combination of growing confidence in the commercial office and retail unit market has led to the need for efficient construction, refurbishment and fit out is bolstering demand for flexible and smart delivery programmes.

The experience of commercial building at Stiffell and Wilson Ltd enables us to develop special relationships with our customers. Stiffell and Wilson prides itself on the quality of its finished products by are highly skilled in-house teams from Plant Operators to Plumbers, Site Managers to Steel fixers.

Modern building of units is driven by stringent site safety, project deadlines and a list of unique site challenges that require innovative solutions. Our experience and unblemished record in this sector means we are ideally placed to achieve these requirements.

Stiffell and Wilson understands civil engineering provides the key foundations that are essential for the design, construction and maintenance of the man-made environment. Our broad experience and expertise in civil engineering has allowed Stiffell & Wilson to offer one of the highest standards of construction in the industry.

Demolition and Decommissioning

image sample Stiffell and Wilson have over 60 years' experience on a wide range of demolition projects both as Principle and Subcontractor. We work in some of the some demanding industries within the UK including Fuel, rail and air freight. All our demolition or commissioning works is carried out by fully trained and certified personnel using our modern range of plant and equipment. This approach to this sector of the business ensures that the highest levels of health and safety are achieved and site productive is at its maximum.

Tank & Fuel Line Replacement

image sample We can carry out fuel tank replacement services competitively priced to some of the larger companies in the industry. We are able to supply and install new underground or above ground fuel storage tanks from forecourts to industry fuel terminals, including new pump islands, pumps, site interceptors and pipe work across the premises. The new fuel tanks will comply with all current safety and environmental legislation and our highly trained and experienced personnel will ensure the tanks are positioned and installed to comply with the latest regulations. Our experience of over 60 years and proven track record in this field gives you peace of mind that you are in the care of professionals giving you complete peace of mind.

Environmental ( Remediation & Waste Management )

image sample We can offer remediation services. This process is used to remove pollution from the ground. Sites or groundwater can become polluted, or contaminated as a result of site activities or as a result of natural conditions. We offer removal of the contaminated material from sites to register and approve landfill sites or setting up a remediation system on sites to the customers' requirements. We are also able to offer recycling of materials on sites using crushers, screeners and environmentally friendly methods, helping reduce costs to the client's project

Redundant Sites

image sample Many sites that have become disused or forgotten a number of years may require site investigation to get a better understanding of the makeup of the ground. Trial pits along with sub scanning and land surveys give us an idea of the ground conditions and if any contamination or underground obstructions are present. Our environmental consultants and management team work with you to resolve any potential problem or contamination issues. Stiffell and Wilson can offer the full package using our highly skilled site operatives, the most modern fleet of Plant and equipment currently on the market. All of our works are carried out the highest standards with health and safety and in accordance with our customer's specifications.


image sample In the last few years there has been an increasing demand within the industry for mothballing services. Our specialist team offers this service to our customers. This service also means that the site can be handed back to the landlord or be ready for full demolition or redevelopment of the site. Stiffell & Wilson manage the process of closing our client's site from start to finish with one direct point of contact during the closure of the site, giving you peace of mind that you are in the care of professionals that work to the highest standards in the industry.

Bulk Excavation

image sample We cover a wide range of groundwork's, we can offer Bulk excavation on a range of different projects from the planning stages to the finished project. We are able to excavate and remove the materials from your site to approved waste transfer stations or registered landfill sites all to the customer's specification and requirements. We are also able to produce a fully auditable trail from start to finish with all projects.

Vaccum Excavation

image sample Vacuum excavation is one of the safest ways to excavate materials from the ground without the risk of striking underground services or cables. Stiffell and Wilson have found this style of works very useful on forecourt works where there are a large amount of buried services in a confined area. This type of excavation is non aggressive but yet still very productive. Vacuum excavation is gaining more and more interest from major contractors and utility companies, looking for safer options In trying to locate underground services this is a wonderful tool all our units have been designed with the latest technical equipment. Our units come in different sizes from mobile towing to 28 ton Lorries. Vacuum units can be supplied for self-drive purpose or with a fully qualified and highly skilled excavation crew.

Forecourt Services

image sample Stiffell and Wilson are forecourt specialists with well over 60 years' experience working with all of the major oil companies and providing them with outstanding service. Stiffell & Wilson provide maintenance and construction services for commercial property specialising in petrol filling stations and production facilities. The success of the company is founded on the culture of quality, safety and responsiveness to client's needs. A consequence of this approach is the development of long term working relationships with many of the UK's largest organisations.

General maintenance

image sample Our civilís team provides nationwide coverage for all aspects of forecourt maintenance and installations.
We have computerised call logging system to keep our service operation efficient.
All engineers are UKPIA accredited and have SPA passport to work.
Our civilís department have skills and experience to carry out any type of civil work on your forecourt/workshop/factory. We can satisfy all your requirements

These services include

  • Drainage channel and forecourt drainage
  • Interceptor installation and repairs
  • New tank excavations and installation
  • Trenching excavations
  • Re surfacing, tarmac or concrete repairs
  • Reinforced concrete bays for tanker stands , pole signs or above ground tank installations
  • Pump islands, stainless steel surround, moulded concrete or kerbed
  • Manhole chamber repairs, modifications or chamber lid replacement
  • Safety gratings or direct/ offset fill chambers
  • Jet wash or Car wash bays and screens
  • Service bays for vac and air
  • Canopy cleaning
  • Canopy gutters
  • Car wash bay cleaning
  • Petrol forecourt/paving/surface deep cleaning
  • Painting/refurbishment services
  • Speed ramps
  • Roof repairs
  • Forecourt line marking
  • Drain toilets and sink blockages removal
  • Surface restoration and protection
  • Guttering and fascia cleaning

Other aspects of works can be further discussed, feel free to contact us.

Proactive maintenance

image sample Our handyman team provides nationwide coverage for all aspects of forecourt maintenance and civil works . We can customised the scope of work according to your needs.
We can satisfy your requirements from small ad hoc works to site surveys.
Our handyman department have skills and experience to carry out all types of civil work on your forecourt / workshop / factory.
We can satisfy your requirements